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DOPE!!! Great Work!

Very Ambitious!!!

Some of the motions did not translate well: his run, and when he started hitting the ground. These motions can have soooo much more weight behind them! Adjust the timing in some spots, and check out some running references (unless it was intentional due to him being a gnome)

Despite that, I loved this short!!! Keep it Up!!!

LiamJMWilson responds:

Yeahh as this was a group project at university, running was something we all struggled with. However the hitting the ground shot is one that wasn't done by me. Thank you very much for the feedback.

The quality of animation is phenomenal, but I have to agree with Doomroar on this. This is plagued by some predictable, and unclear writing. For example, he just learned of the attunement ability, where did that insane technique toward the end come from? These may all be things that will get addressed later down the line, but this episode left me both excited and scratching my head.I don't mind the character designs, but based on what we saw, the story may need to veer away from the typical shonen anime path. Over all, Great Work! Just be mindful of the writing.

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That was Amazing!!!! At first I thought it was just tic tac toe! But then I started losing it when it started moving my plays and deleting my moves! I agree that this was a little on the short side, but it's fine! Tic tac toe can only hold someone's attention for so long. I imagine this is how a cpu in tic tac toe would rage quit! Great Job!!!! Very Creative!!!!

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Fan-Friggin-TASTIC!!! The heart of the cards led me here! I must make a Santa Animation NOW!!!
Great Work!!!

Spectacular! I can see this being used for a winter fight scene! Great Job! Keep up the good work! :D

VERY NICE!!! I can see this being used for an ending card to a video! I'm in the middle of making an animated video, and would love to use this as either some BG music or even the ending card! I'll make sure to credit you! Keep up the good work! :D

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Basically! They showed her off like crazy! Great Work!

That facial expression! XD

Great execution! The dynamic angle really helps add interest. I thought you drew a human version of Squidward for a second (Because of the shirt).

Woah! Freaky stuff! But amazing nonetheless. I could actually see this framed up in a sea food spot! XD

Very Nice Work!

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